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Meet the Staff

Headteacher - John Hayes
Deputy and Inclusion Leader - Lisa Sweeney

Early Years Phase
Phase Leader/Nursery Teacher - Kelly Smith
Nursery Teacher - Matt Bawler
Nursery Nurse - Kelly Mouzouris
Nursery Nurse - Sarah Bond
Reception Teacher RK - Karen Fraser
Reception Teacher RS - Sinead Thorpe
Phase Teaching Assistant - Anila Dailani
Phase Teaching Assistant - Leigh Smith
Phase Teaching Assistant - Lirie Geci
Phase Teaching Assistant - Nel Mendy
Phase Teaching Assistant - Samira Ben Serghin

Phase One
Year 1 Teachers 1E - Erica Hudson
Year 1 Teacher 1N - Nicola Rowell
Year 2 Teacher 2I -  India Howarth
Phase Leader/Year 2 Teacher 2L - Lindsay Vaughan
Phase Teaching Assistant - Christine Miller
Phase Teaching Assistant - Kathleen Fair
Phase Teaching Assistant - Nazmin Choudhury
Phase Teaching Assistant - Sophie Coley

Phase Two
Year 3 Teacher 3C - Charlotte Nieto
Phase Leader/Year 3 Teacher 3J - Joss Plotkin
Year 4 Teacher 4MS - Megan Quinn and Stephanie Versen
Year 4 Teacher 4T -Toby Roberts
Phase Teaching Assistant - Mandy Wallace
Phase Teaching Assistant - Donjeta Sogojeva
Phase Teaching Assistant - Lisa McNally
Phase Teaching Assistant - Teuta Zeka
Phase Teaching Assistant - Valbona Zyko

Phase Three
Year 5 Teacher 5E - Emily Jeffries
Phase Leader/Year 5 Teacher 5T - Tamsin Edmunds
Year 6 Teacher 6A - Abi Johnson
Year 6 Teacher 6C - Clare Reynolds
Phase Teaching Assistant - Janine Georgiou
Phase Teaching Assistant - Karen Cuyler
Phase Teaching Assistant - Lucy Cheetham
Phase Teaching Assistant - Rachel Charles
Phase Teaching Assistant - Sharon Howlett
Phase Teaching Assistant - Ann Warren

Office Staff
School Business Manager - Claire Bailey
Order Management - Nancy Storey
Admin Officer - Sue Stevens

Educational and Pastoral Support Team (EPST)
EPST/Phase One - Dawn O'Driscoll
EPST/Phase Two - Tracy Storey
EPST/Phase Three - Kevin McCabe

Other Staff
Music Teacher/IT Teacher - Ashley Miller
PE Teacher - Jef Gooding
IT Administrator - Nathan Pallas
Cover Manager - Alice Montgomery
Senior TA/Phonics - Sally Smythe
PE/IT Teaching Assistant - Luke McCann
Assistant SSO - Blaise Yalala 
Assistant SSO - Olly Hondelatte
EMA Cross Phase - Mevlude Bejlulla
Admin Support - Doreen Ward
Cookery - Victoria Bridge