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School lunches are cooked on the premises and the children are offered a choice of meat and vegetarian main dishes, vegetables, salads and puddings. Menus are changed termly.

All children in the nursery eat a cooked lunch which is served at family tables in the nursery. Packed lunch is not an option for nursery children.

Some children prefer to bring their own packed lunch and these should be brought in a clearly named lunchbox. We ask that packed lunches should be healthy and nutritious. They should not include sweets, fizzy drinks or glass bottles.

Claiming Free School Meals: If your child is in Nursery or KS2 and you receive social security benefits (excluding child tax credit or working tax credit), your child may be entitled to ‘Free School Meals’. To apply, complete the online application form at as soon as possible.

Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM): All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are now entitled to free school lunches, if they want them. (They may still bring a packed lunch, if they prefer.)

Even if your children get lunch paid for under the UIFSM scheme, if you think they might be entitled to Free School Meals when in KS2, it is important that you apply now.

This is because school funding is determined in part by the number of children who are
entitled to free school meals, (whether they eat them or not). So please apply now; this will increase the resources the school has to put towards the education of your child.

Paying for Meals: Lunch money is payable in advance through Parent Pay. If you need help registering please speak to the school office.

To see the current menu please click here

Dinners are now £2.22 per day. £11.10 per week.