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After School Activities

At Gospel Oak we have a wide range of activities that take place outside of the school day. This includes lunchtimes as well as after school. You can find out more about them here and the person running the club can be contacted for further information

ClubDayTimeCostRun by
ArtThursday15:30-17:00£40Sally and Lisa
Code ClubMonday15:30-16:30£30Nathan
Y1 & Y2 DramaThursday15:30-16:30£45Sophie Trott (parent)
KS2 DramaWednesday15:30-16:45£50The Playing Space
KS1 FootballTuesday15:30-16:30£25Nathan
KS2 FootballTuesday16:30-17:30£25Nathan
Games ClubTuesday15:30-16:30£30Lucy
KS1 GymMonday15:30-16:30£35Holborn Gymnastics Club
KS2 GymMonday16:30-17:30£35Holborn Gymnastics Club
KS1 MultisportsTuesday8:00-9:00£15Luke
KS2 MultisportsWednesday8:00-9:00£15Luke
Puppetry ClubMonday15:30-16:30£40Total Insight Theatre
Running ClubMonday8:00-9:00£25Highgate Harriers
Squad FootballFriday8:00-9:00£15Luke
Sewing ClubWednesday15:30-17:00£40Lirie and Kathleen

Language clubs

ClubRun byContactDayTimesWhereWho for
Arabic clubDawnDawnThursday3.30 - 4.30KS1Year 1-6
Bengali clubDawnDawnMonday3.30 - 4.30KS1Year 1-6
Albanian Club  MevludeDawn  Monday3:30-4:30     KS1Year 1-6

Sports clubs

FDS club - click pic for video
Futebol de Saloa
FDS club - click pic for video

Booster clubs

Will start after half-term.

ClubRun byContactDayTimesWhereWho for
Numeracy LisaWednesday1-2pm Year 6
Numeracy LisaWednesday1-2pm Year 6
Literacy LisaTuesday1-2pm Year 6
Literacy LisaTuesday1-2pm Year 6
Science LisaTuesday1-2pm Year 6

Homework clubs

ClubRun byContactDayTimesWhereWho for
Homework clubKev and TracyKevTuesday3.30 - 4.30ICT roomKS2
Homework clubKev and TracyKevFriday3.30 - 4.30ICT roomKS2

After school club

Click here for full information on After-School Club

ClubRun byContactDayTimesWhereWho for
After school clubNancy07847242397Mon - Fri3.30 - 6.00Infant hallChildren 4 - 11 years