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At Gospel Oak we want our students to have access to great tools both inside and outside of the classroom, to be able to learn regardless of what IT device they have access to. Which is why in 2015 we were the first school in Camden to move our staff and students into Google Apps for Education.

We have also invested in Google Chromebooks providing each class in KS2 with their own set. Throughout the school, all year groups children have access to iPads.

Our Network’s internet is provided by London Grid for Learning (LGfL) which gives us one of the most comprehensive web filters systems available.

We are also in the process of upgrading our IT suite which is set to be completed in January 2017.

Gospel Oak follows a scheme of work based on the National Curriculum. As the school uses Google as its main interface, we also aim to teach the children a range of related skills.

At the beginning of each year the children will spend half a term covering core skills on Chrome Books, iPads and on Google Apps for Education. These core skills include a focus on logging on to the network, Google drive, word processing and folder management. Children will learn about how to use a variety of apps that will relate to their topics in class.

Throughout the year the children will also learn about E-Safety in order to ensure that they remain safe online.

Children will also learn about coding at a level relevant to their age. Younger children in the school will develop skills in graphics and photo filming while older children learn about web design and more advanced applications.