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Educational and Pastoral Support Team

The EPS team is an intergral part of our school. Their work supports all the school aims and the following aspects of our mission;
  • Uphold our commitment to being an inclusive, community school. 
  • Develop and enhance our broad and relevant curriculum. 
  • Provide every child with the opportunity to develop their own interests and meet new challenges. 
  • Attain rates of overall attendance that are above national averages. 
  • Encourage all parents and carers to be partners in their children’s learning. 
  • Develop our extended provision to the whole community and other partners in the local area. 
  • The quality of pastoral care influences the whole-school ethos. It is of crucial importance to create an atmosphere in which all children feel secure, know they are valued as individuals and encouraged in their learning, growth and social development in a healthy and safe environment. 
  • Our provision includes ways in which pupils are equipped to cope with personal challenges through using an extended curriculum and a wide range of support networks available within the school to children experiencing difficulties. Any support will be certainly personalised to children and families requirements, this work is achieved in a variety of different ways providing more meaningful pastoral support and progression opportunities. 
  • Our pastoral care system includes the support which the school offers pupils at vulnerable times, such as mentoring or counselling provided either by school staff or external experts. We believe school communities that demonstrate a co-operative effort in supporting the pastoral care of pupils and their families enables all staff to contribute effectively to establishing and maintaining a climate which is characterised by good relations and mutual respect. This has allowed us to run many successful and well attended parent and community projects. Which have been described as “very well run and significant benefits in taking part” 
  • Working together and being able to equip our children to deal with the challenges they face in life and provide opportunities to promote positive mental and emotional health among children, young people and their extended families, moreover, our wellbeing provisions, holiday schemes and extended school clubs have enabled families from various backgrounds access to continuing programmes, extending beyond the customary provisions. 
  • Throughout their school lives, children have to deal with a wide range of personal and social issue. Effective support requires them to have opportunities provided through an accessible and extended curriculum to discuss and explore such issues, so that they are able to make good choices and decisions. By simply creating a directory of resources, activities, specialist educational and transition support for staff and parents to access we have been able to signpost parents to internal support and guidance services, consequently enabling parents and families to become increasingly engaged with school life. 
EPST is concerned with preparing children for the demands and challenges of adult and working life. We feel pastoral care is at its most effective when it is all pervasive and fully integrated into the school’s daily routines, its curriculum and its extra-curricular activities should go “beyond the school gates”