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Development Priorities

School Development Plan 2017-18

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How do we set our targets and priorities?

We have a comprehensive programme of monitoring and evaluation that involves analysis of data, observations, scrutiny of work and talking to children. We also consult other stakeholders including parents, who we survey annually. Reports are presented to the school improvement committee or the full governing body. Each monitoring and evaluation exercise informs the relevant new action sheet that can be found in this development plan. From this exercise emerges a view on the key priorities and targets for the new development plan. The key priorities receive the most attention in terms of staff training and development time.

Priorities for 2017-18

  • Continue to improve the outcomes for disadvantaged children so they meet the current standards attained by non disadvantaged children throughout the school.

  • Raise the profile of reading for pleasure throughout the school and thereby increase fluency, comprehension and measured outcomes.

  • Further develop assessment practice particularly TA in writing across the school so that summative judgements are accurate and consistent thus ensuring children’s learning needs continue to be accurately reflected in planning and provision.

  • Ensure that achievement in maths does not show any significant gender imbalances.

  • Ensure that all Bangladeshi children make good progress throughout the school so that their attainment is at least in line with that of all others.

DRAFT Targets for 2017-18 (awaiting updated methodology from the DfE)

Progress: for a school to meet the progress measure, pupils must make sufficient progress in reading, writing and maths between reception and the end of KS2. This means a progress score above -5 in reading, -7 in writing and -5 in maths.

Attainment: for a school to meet the attainment measure, 65% or more of pupils must meet the new expected standard in reading, writing and maths by the end of KS2. This means achieving at least 100 in both reading and maths tests, and being assessed by their teacher as reaching the expected standard in writing.

  • Attendance to be at least 96%