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At Gospel Oak:
  • We want our school to be a safe, welcoming place where children enjoy learning, work hard and achieve their best. 
  • We aim to provide a high standard of teaching and learning in lessons that are inspiring, broad and balanced. 
  • We have high expectations of our children's behaviour and aim to help them develop into confident and self-sufficient individuals. 
  • We recognise and celebrate our rich and diverse school population. 
  • We aim to ensure that children, parents, carers and staff enjoy true equality of opportunity and feel valued as part of the school community. 
  • We aim to work with parents and carers as partners in their children's learning. 
Our mission
  • Uphold our commitment to being an inclusive, community school. 
  • Develop and enhance our broad and relevant curriculum. 
  • Maintain and enhance the overall quality of teaching and learning, so that it is outstanding. 
  • Provide every child with the opportunity to develop their own interests and meet new challenges. 
  • Sustain and enhance high quality provision throughout EYFS in order to maximise learning opportunities and progress. 
  • Maintain high standards and rates of progress in core subjects that are above national averages in KS1 and KS2. 
  • Attain rates of overall attendance that are above national averages. 
  • Develop contexts for learning that are reflected in a high quality, interactive learning environment throughout the school. 
  • Encourage all parents and carers to be partners in their children’s learning. 
  • Develop our extended provision to the whole community and other partners in the local area. 
Also, please see our DevelopmentPriorities.

The school’s aims are displayed prominently on boards in different locations throughout the school