Autism Spectrum Disorder Provision in Gortnor Abbey

 Newly opened in September 2013, the Claudine Centre in Gortnor Abbey has specialist rooms and qualified and experienced staff catering for the needs of students with ASD. Research shows that students with ASD progress better in a structure mainstream learning environment. Each student has an individualised plan and a variety of best practice methods are employed to meet the varied needs of the students. Gortnor Abbey places emphasis on developing each student to their full potential, mindful of the need to assist them in developing their communication, social, behavioural and independent life skills. ASD students have access to the mainstream curriculum and an effective programme is tailor-made for each student. Inclusion with mainstream peers is sensitively managed. We promote and facilitate close links with parents in order to compliment the learning environment and encourage independence. 

Student Testimonials
January 2016

 "...the Claudine Centre helps me relax and put all my stress away for a while......"

"...the Claudine Centre makes life a bit easier for me, I can go there to figure out any problems that I might have"

"....if you feel tired you can relax and stop thinking for a bit..."

"......I would be stressed if I didn't have access to the Claudine Centre"

"...The Claudine Centre helps me get my work done at school so that when I get home I can relax"

" gives students a break from working at subjects all the time"