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Individual Offering

Goris & Partners offers pension funds temporary or permanent support with plan execution. We help clients gain a better insight into their investment management, enable them to control their investments and service providers and ensure a thorough risk management: we help pension funds to remain in control.

With its board support activities, Goris & Partners focuses on the direction, coordination and control of service providers such as asset managers, fiduciary managers, custodians and [plan administrators]. We ensure a proper translation of policy into execution and that service providers comply with existing agreements. We also ensure that service providers report on their service provision in a complete and transparent manner to the pension fund board.

Advantages for the pension fund are:

    • Pension fund board remains “in control” of its outsourced activities
    • Improves the quality, efficiency and transparency of plan execution
    • Makes the many responsibilities of the pension fund board workable and insightful
    • Enables pension fund board to focus on thorough policy making

We also provide monitoring and benchmarking of service levels to the purpose of improving the quality, efficiency and transparency of the services provided. In other words: improved service levels at a lower cost.

Starting from our board support services, we can provide input for policy making and supervision of plan execution. We can support pension fund boards through providing information, views or education in the field of investment management or plan execution.

For more information on our board support services, please contact us via our Contact Page.