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Student Advancement In Learning
(SAIL) is Gorham's Gifted and Talented Program

The Gorham School Department offers a continuum of Gifted and Talented Programming options through SAIL. This programming is designed to respond to the needs of students who excel beyond their age and/or grade level peers, as required by Chapter 104 and is monitored through district assessment data. Guided by Renzulli's School-wide Enrichment Model (University of Connecticut) and operating within a consultancy model, SAIL's enrichment options are implemented at different levels in order to create appropriate opportunities for students to explore, refine, and extend their talents.

SAIL Philosophy

The Gorham School District's Program for gifted learners is founded upon developmentally appropriate structures that enable specialized instruction for students K-12 identified as gifted in academic, visual and performing arts.  The programming provides gifted learners a school environment that addresses their unique learning needs.  Learning opportunities for these students are in lieu of regular classroom instruction and these assignments or explorations are extensions of, or are different from, mainstream classroom instruction.  Specialized instruction is grounded in the concept of depth versus breadth, where students are striving to reach deeper understandings of topics.  Studies reasonably extend beyond the walls of the classroom.  This program acknowledges the value of having gifted students spend time together for some portion of their schooling to fully enhance their social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

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