Odyssey of the Mind
Gorham Schools
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Village Elementary School
4th Graders visual book reports on the "The False Prince." Students were asked to choose their favorite scene, create it and present it to the SAIL book group.

top left to right: by Luke and Lillian 
bottom left to right: Tyler and Ethan

Village Elementary School
5th Grade Students team up to create visual book reports of "The Shadow Throne," the third book from the author Jennifer Neilson. The students presented their visual projects to the SAIL class. 
by Madeline and Grace

by Peter and Patrick

by Brooke and Kevin

by Amelia

Village Elementary School

Village Times
Sketchbook Art Enrichment 
S.A.I.L Sketchbook 
Art stu
dents are encouraged to utilize a sketchbook to sketch, color, collage and write out their own ideas. They are to practice their skill and try out different mediums as well as observational drawings. 
Students are not allowed to tear out pages but to move forward. Using all pages front and back for all creative ideas. The idea is to encourage risk-taking, creative thinking, and sharing of ideas with the art group and within their general education classroom. It is our hope that the artist will utilize their creativity within their classroom during team and individual projects.  

All students were referred by their general education teacher and are being monitored by SAIL in art until high school. 

Graffiti Wall Art 
Words Their Way
Greek and Latin Roots Blue Group
(hand drawn on paper with color pencils and markers)

5th Grade Students Learn Indesign & Photoshop while laying out their Elementary School's Newspaper. Village NewsFlash art hand drawn by Rylee T. 

K2 Students researching Martin Luther King Jr. at Narragansett. 

Students display their math extension work.

Great Falls Elementary School

December/January 2017 
Great Falls Gazette 

2nd Graders

Reading and Math Enrichment

5th Graders 
Rube Goldberg Team "Hedgehog" • 2015/2016

4th Graders 
Students enjoy learning more about buoyancy.
4th Grade Science Extension Support

Gorham Middle School
June 2017 
ELA Graffiti Art Project
Books "Counting by Sevens", "Mango-Shaped Space", and "Out of My Mind" all three with themes of Apathy, Sympathy and Empathy. 

Sketchnotes by 6th grader
Rylee utilizes her sketch book for classroom notes. 

7th Grade
"Paper Wishes"
Japanese Lanterns
Students were asked to create their own paper wishes and to use symbols that represented themselves. Many used their name in Japanese writing, symbols of heritage and and nature. 

6th Grade Visual on "Dead End in Norvelt" 
Students used clay as well as recycled material to create these visual book reports. 
By Andi M.

"The Typewriter" by Dru B. 

"The Newspaper Table" 
by Emma M. 
"Doodle" by Sam D.

8th Grade 
Visual Art (work in progress)
"Mother Nature" Clay Project by Lauren P. 

8th Grade
Visual Project on "The Book Thief" and displayed in the GMS Library. 
 The book burning by Peyton M. (used an old encyclopedia to transform the book burning) 

The Mayor's Mansion by Maddie S. (created the mansion using recycled materials)

The Bombing by Rowan C-Mc. (used recycled materials and put a switch together to add to the bombing scene)

7th Grade 
Students create visual timelines of the life of Nelson Mandela and give their opinions of "what if" Mr. Mandela had chosen a different path and where that may have taken him. Students chose to incorporate the South African flag colors in different ways. 

by Emily P.

by Grant N,

by MacKenna H.

7th grade students create visual book reports of their favorite reads and present to SAIL group.