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The red flashing light on a vehicle, the siren sound and a person wearing a uniform knocking the driver side window of your car will happen when you exceed the maximum driving speed on the road. An officer may pull you out of the car for suspicious driving. You will undergo a breathing test along the roadside if the officer could smell odor of alcohol on you. You will face the consequences of DUI law if you fail in the test. The traffic inspectors have the rights to stop any vehicle and check if the person driving is under the alcohol influence. The traffic police can ask a person to undergo the test called blood alcohol content or BAC. The legal alcohol limit varies on different states. Some states fix the maximum legal alcohol limit as .10 percent while some other states set a BAC of about .08 percent. Everyone should know the limit and avoid over drinking to have a safe journey.

Don’t fail to give a breath sample

If a person drives the vehicle under the drug or alcohol influence, he may be asked by the traffic police man to give a breath sample. If the breath sample of a person fails on ASD indicating more blood alcohol content than legal limit either 0.08 or 0.10 percent or the person refuse to give the sample, the traffic officer can issue IRP or immediate roadside prohibition for 90 days. People who are issued 90 days IRP will face the following DUI consequences. The driving license of the person is seized immediately and he is prohibited from driving for about 90 days. The automobile of the person may be impounded for a month and he or she is responsible for storage and towing costs. Even a person who undergoes impaired driving may be sent to attend alcohol abuse program and ignition interlock program. The driver should also apply for having his driving license and pay the reinstatement fee to the government if he wishes to drive again. Depending on the condition the impaired driver faces the consequences. He may even sent to prison for his carelessness.

Why you need an Oakland DUI Lawyer
Serious effects of drunk and drive
Drivers have to act in a responsible way in order to avoid severe consequences of driving under the influence. Many legal problems have to be faced by individuals if they violate rule or law of drunk and drive such as fine, arrest, record citations and jail. If they get arrested for this problem, they will get affected for their lifetime so they have to be careful about it. Loss of employment and insurance policies, immigration issues and many problems have to be encountered if their driving records are ruined. Leading attorneys have to be hired for dealing DUI cases because to avoid driving privilege and escape from jail punishment. Serious financial setbacks in business are also possible if they do drunk and driving in public.
Restrictions of alcohol usage
Many attorneys are supporting their clients through their legal representations in court because of their specialization in their field. Counseling programs are also available for drunk and driving drivers if they get convicted for the problem. Though DUI attorneys are available for supporting guests, persons have to obey driving rules in a good way. Limitations available in consuming alcoholic beverages or other drugs have to be noted if they want to travel to their home or other places without any issues. Many drunk and driving accidents are common in road and they can be protected by getting educated. Legal drinking age is 21 and they have to face risks if they drink and drive before this age limit. 
Individuals will be placed in jail if they do not hire an attorney for series offense of DUI. License of drivers will get busted automatically if they get arrested for driving under the influence. To know rights and options of DUI, they have to get support from a proper lawyer who has experience in this field. Only one alcohol per hour is recommended for persons and drinking beyond that limit and driving will ruin their life. Operating vehicle after consuming alcohol will alter life of persons because it may end up in accidents of injuries. One has to give compensation to defender if they injured in accident because of drunk and driving. Drunk and drive lawyers will focus on case of clients to rescue from their problem.