How did your experiment support or contradict your original hypothesis? How could you improve your experiment? Did everything go as planned or were there unexpected results? Does what you learned lead to a new question or experiment? If so, why would it be important, interesting, or useful to ask that new question or to perform that new experiment? Add your "Conclusion" here in 500 words or less.

  • My experiment support my hypothesis as I found the source that:
  1. will boil the sea water in the shortest time and with the least expenses
  2. will produce no pollution
  3. will produce the purest and safest drinking water
and this source is the anaerobic digestion.

  • I think I could improve my experiment by finding new sources of energy that could be better than those I used in the project.
  • At the beginning of the project I thought the source of energy that was going to win is the solar panel but after my research and experiments I found that the solar panel coasts a lot and is not so efficient as I need many solar cells to induce the energy that I needed
  • The result that I reached that anaerobic digestion is the most suitable way to produce the energy that I needed encouraged me to know and study more about the anaerobic digestion because as mentioned before I want this project to be the project of my life or future.