Project Summary
Behold, The MechSorter and Automated Paper Recycling System

My project mainly focuses on the conservation on global resources. To conserve global resources, recycling has to be done efficiently. The automated robots that i have designed, constructed and built can and will help to save Mother Nature.

They are the MechSorter and the Automated Paper Recycling System.

Imagine you just finished a can of carbonated drink. So what do you do with it? Well, most of the people just throws it into the rubbish bin, well some others will throw them into normal recycle bins if there is one nearby.The MechSorter is similar to a regular recycle bin,but with a bonus. It helps you sort the rubbish and uses different techniques to handle the rubbish. For example after detecting an aluminum tin can, it will be sent to another compartment to be flattened for easier transportation. Also, its will also send paper to the automated paper recycling system.

The automated recycling system will simply make recycled paper out of the used paper.

Video Presentation