Project Summary

Over millions of deaths are caused by car accidents each year, and this death rate resulted from car related accidents is increasing in a very fast rate, as the human population increases and become wealthier, the population of car is expected to increase too; and the possibility of traffic jams increases and accidents death would increase proportionally, which can a waste of resources.

In this project, we built an Autonomous Car that ensures the passengers' safety and saves time by driving autonomously and obeying traffic laws. We built this Autonomous Car to help create a safer and faster traffic system.

The program starts by getting the user’s input on whether the car should move Autonomously or Manually.

If the user selects to control the car Autonomously

l  Lane Detection

The program performs Lane Detection to detect lane markings. If lanes are detected, the car follows the lanes and drives autonomously.

l  Traffic Light Detection

While Lane Detection is performed, the program also performs Traffic Light Detection. By using an unfocused camera, the car first catches light sources, then performs Color Detection and Shape Detection to make sure the light sources are traffic lights, unlike LED banners or other light sources.

l  Obstacle Detection

The program also performs Obstacle Detection. A Sharp IR Range Detector is built in front of the car the detect obstacles, if obstacles are detected within a certain range in front of the car, the car stops to prevent from hitting it.

       If the user selects to control the car Manually

We added a feature on this car while driving manual mode can enhance the driver’s experiences and safety. Face Detection is performed to ensure the presence of the driver and ensure the driver is concentrating. If faces are not able to be detected for a few seconds as the head lower down due to sleepiness, the car makes sounds to alert the driver, if the driver does not respond to it, the car knows that driver isn’t concentrating and will turn to autonomous mode to ensure the driver’s safety


1 There is a Server computer and a Client computer in our project. The Server computer can be controlled by the user, and the Client computer is built onto the car to perform image processing and control the car. Data is exchanged between the Server and the Client while the program is running.

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