Project Summary

For my Google Science Fair project I wanted to do something involving robotics since that is the area of science I am most interested in.  I decided on testing if I could build a robot that could operate in diverse environments since that is something that I think most robots have trouble doing.  Most robots can only operate efficiently in one or two environments.

    To do this I need a base that could handle the diverse terrains but still be able to make tight turns indoors.  Also the robot needed to pick up various obstacles at varying heights along with detecting drops so it wouldn't drive off a cliff.

   Then after deciding on what I wanted I went off and built the robot.

    After building the robot and testing it in different terrains I found it to be fairly successful for a prototype.  Most of the problems it had were ones that could be fixed easily with a revision of the code.  The only other problems I found were that the 5 AA's that I used were drained fairly quickly, and that the tracks would come off.  I will most likely change the batteries to a rechargeable battery pack of some sort.  Then the tracks would come off when things got stuck in them like twigs, grass, and dirt.  This happened very often outside, but other than this I think the robot worked very well.