While in the process of completing this project there are a number of people who have helped us and we would like to thank those people for their contributions towards our goals.


During our research, getting statistical information was a challenge, and we are very grateful for the support and information we obtained from the following: Mr. PM Zwane, National Agricultural Marketing Board (NAMBoard); Mr N. Eisenberg, Director of Technoserve Swaziland; Mr. M Luphondvo, Programme Coordinator, World Vision Inc. Swaziland; and the school’s administration for providing us with internet access.


We thank our guardian and mentors for allowing us to participate and also supporting us all the way.  Mr. TM Sithole helped us in the planning of the project and the entire process.  We thank you sir for your dedication and answering our endless questions.  Miss. D Simelane helped us by checking our spelling and grammar; she also helped by giving us advice on how to conduct our project from time to time.

We are grateful to the school’s administration for financing the project without which we wouldn’t have had a project at all.  Mr. Masuku, the Principal did not only allow use to use the school premises as our project site but also provided us with advice and finance for inputs in our research, including transport to research site like NAMBoard, Technoserve Swaziland and World Vision to mention a few.  In addition he provided transportation of waste cartons from local supermarkets to school using his van for free.

Another person who has helped us with the project (mainly during  transplanting) is Andile Dlamini a classmate.  He was part of the project but unfortunately he withdrew from the project in the beginning phase.  Preparation for transplanting and transplanting could have been hectic and time consuming without his assistance.

Our schools agriculture department supplied us with tools that we used during the course of this project.  All the chicken manure used for our USHM in making nutrient solution was collected from the schools agricultural department. They also had interest in our project and gave us advice from time to time.


Mr S Motsa, a local subsistence farmer who raises cattle provided us with matured kraal manure at no cost. We could have had a challenge collecting kraal manure from our homestead since it’s far from school. The local supermarkets supported us by keeping the boxes for us to use as garden containers rather than taking them to the dump site. We greatly appreciate the interest shown by the school community at large as well as the advice they gave us from time to time.


Our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us, whether you played a big role or not, you contributed to the successful completion of our project.