Curiosity probably “kills” cats, but it never kills ME! It is definitely the impetus that propelled me in the world of science.  
    Primary school garden had always been one of my favorite scientific places to haunt, because garden inhabitants are strangely fascinating, just as J.H.Fabre describes in The Records about Insects. I can never learn too much about the perfectly horrible lives praying mantis lead or the uncanny sense of direction which bees possess, though, I do have a horror of being stung.

After I entered middle school, the marvelous world of physics grabbed my heart: I learned that the seemingly unpredictable motions of particles were actually restricted by all kinds of laws and principles. Just like what Einstein said, the most unexplainable thing in this world is that everything is actually explainable.

Last year, however, I took interest in the cure to cancer because my beloved grandmother was diagnosed the fatal disease. Since my father is a surgeon in oncology, I gained access to the world of cancer. In association with my father, I studied the current cures for cancer, attempting to improve and modify them with thorough experiments. 

In February, when my experiments finally started to give satisfying results, I signed up for Google science fair. The science fair means more than just a competition to me: it is also a chance to further develop my project and to benefit more people like my grandmother. I sincerely hope that I will realize my dream through attending the science fair.