About Me

    "When you're curious, you'll find lots of interesting things to do."

Walt Disney

    Hi! I'm Mark Liang, I'm 14, and I live in San Marino, California.
    I'm an aspiring scientist with one goal in mind: change the way we think about nature.

    My passion is the natural world. Evolution, biology, you name it. I find a thrill at aquariums, gardens, and I volunteer almost religiously at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in my hometown. I have had the honor of caring for some of the most exotic plants on Earth. I'm interested in how we interact with ecosystems, especially on how we can use nature to advance technology and modern society.

    Challenges excite me. Last fall, I entered the Youtube International Spacelab and SSEP (Student Spaceflight Education Program) competitions with fungi studies, and I was honored to be a Finalist in both. I learned that all my failures, successes, and plans were invaluable when I helped others. I am entering GSF  to put my discoveries out into the open world. It's important to learn from others, but also to give your knowledge to people who need it the most. My goal is to study at a place like Caltech where I can learn from the brightest people in the field of science, and perhaps become one myself.