Project Summary

Fresh water availability is already a major environmental problem in several areas of the world and will become a global problem soon. That is why it is foolish & criminal on our part to continue to flush billions of liters of treated fresh water down our toilets everyday just to clear our excreta. Since 40% of the 6 billion people on earth use toilets, it is a lot of water.

My project is to redesign the water closet / flush to reduce the consumption of water, currently at 6 to 12 liters per flush to just 3 liters per flush.   I make this possible with a simple mechanism added to the conventional closet that will create a partial vacuum when the user pushes down the flush lever (a foot operated lever may be needed to enable children & old people to use this). This vacuum will partially suck the excreta out and thereby reducing the dependence on the flushing action to remove the excreta.

I call it the “ Vacu-Flush”

Since I have seen the electrically operated vacuum flush in aircrafts I was certain that my design which uses both a vacuum & the flushing action will work. I created a prototype using PVC pipes, elbows, etc. to test out the concept and it works.  With over 100 hours of design & 100 hours gone into the building of the mechanism using PVC components, I am confident that it is design that will work well & can be implemented in the closets of the future to bring about a drastic reduction of water consumption in flushing out excreta.