In conclusion, the vacu-flush can drop the water consumption of a toilet by roughly 50% and still prove to be just as efficient.

               With a little more research and development, the "Vacu-flush" deign can be tweaked and patented. The various manufacturers of water closets can incorporate this design and phase out the old design to eventually completely get rid of all the old wasteful designs. In a span of 20 years, close to 60 -70% of the world’s toilets can be of this design and eventually one day, practically all flushes will be "Vacu-flush"
         This will also reduce the load on water on our sewage systems & water recycling plants in each city and conserve water.  It will also reduce the amount of polluted water entering our water ways & seas from city drains and it will affect smaller areas with pollution.
         With technologies like this, sustainable use of resources can be made possible, and with sustainable use of resources comes sustainable development.