About Me/My Interest in Science

    Imagine a world where nobody is at an increased health risk because of the environment. No one is getting sick from eating contaminated foods or drinking polluted water. No one is at risk from chemicals that contaminate the air and soil. This is the world I dream of. A while ago I read 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson and was immensely disturbed by her tale of several chemicals including the notorious DDT, which were used for industrial purposes and contaminated our environment on a shockingly wide scale. The use of DDT in America has since been banned after being linked with breast cancer, birth defects and major reproductive issues. Unfortunately DDT is not the only chemical that has contaminated our environment and posed potential risks to humans, and most of these chemicals are completely legal.

    This project began as an outgrowth of my passion to create the world I dream of. I wanted to find out if BPS is in fact a good replacement to BPA, or if those trying to find safer alternatives for consumers are being misled. I have always enjoyed science and participated in my local science fair for the past 8 years as well as the bioGENEius challenge last year, but this year when I found a project that really caught my interest and had major real world implications, I became obsessed. Spending hours upon hours in a lab, working hands on with tissue culture, learning to persevere when my previous project failed to yield results, has been a joy. This project which is my final high school science project has taught me more, and increased my love of science more than I ever dreamed possible. I believe that being a finalist in the Google Science Fair would give me incredible opportunties to further expand both my interest and future path towards a career in science, as well as give me the chance to meet and connect with others who also care about using science to make a difference in the world. 

    As a freshman next fall, I will be attending Grinnell College in Iowa, to pursue a major in biochemistry and work towards my goal of making the world a better place.

Sarina Farb 18
                                          Sarina Farb at the US national BioGENEius challenge in Washington D.C. in 2011