About Me

An avid student, volunteer, athlete, and researcher, I am driven to learn and understand. I have never outgrown the “why” phase. I question everything, and it wasn’t until I was introduced to science that I found answers -- and, more questions. My elementary school experiences developed my passion for experimentation.

My enthusiasm for science continues to blossom. Helping find the cure to cancer is a goal of mine. I have experienced the pain of family members inflicted with the disease and have witnessed the anguish in Georgetown's pediatric cancer ward. Going forward, I seek to learn as much as I can in the computer science and medical fields to help achieve this goal. Although only a high school junior, I am top in my class and participate in the most rigorous courses offered at my school. I expect to major in computer science when I attend college and continue to medical school.

WWSB ABC 7 Interview

Minor Planet, 25333, named britwenger

Awards do not define me; however, they validate my scientific research.  With each year, my research increases in complexity and has more potential to have positive benefit on mankind.  When I was presented with the naming of minor planet 25333 by MIT Lincoln Laboratory, I was in disbelief; however, getting recognized by some of the top world scientists drives me to work harder.  Together, we can solve extraordinary challenges.

Winning the Google Science Fair and interacting with the top scientists at Google would be an awe-inspiring opportunity for me.

Other Science Honors
• Second Award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Medicine (Los Angeles, 2011)
• Third Award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Computer Science (San Jose, 2010)
• Third Overall at the Society for Science and the Public Middle School Program (Washington DC, 2008)
• Best in Show at the Sarasota County Regional Fair (2010, 2011,2012)
• Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award (2010, 2011, 2012)
• Dart Foundation for Medicine Award (2011)
• Symantec Science Buddies Award (2010)
• U.S. Naval Academy Award for Computer Science (2010)
• American Statistical Association Honorable Mention (2011)
• NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award National Runner-up (2012)
• NCWIT North Florida Affiliate Aspirations in Computing Award Winner (2012)