About Me

My name is Jonah. I am 14 years old, study in 8th Grade and live in San Diego, California. I am passionate about music and have been playing the guitar for five years. Two years ago I built an electric guitar, starting from a square block of wood and all the way through to designing and soldering the electronics inside (I did not build the neck). I didn't know anything about electric guitars when I began the project and it took four months to build it, but it works well and I still play it. 


I also enjoy science, especially engineering and physics. I had an opportunity to take some physics and chemistry classes at a well-known science-oriented institute last year and thought they were great. I hope I will have similar opportunities in the future.


One of the special things about the project I’m submitting to the Google Science Fair, Good Vibrations, is that it combines science and music to try to help people. The goal of my device is to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss, especially severe hearing loss. I hope the research in my project will make it possible to bring music into the lives of people with hearing loss.