I appreciate Ms. Winship, Dr. Rama Garimella, Dr. Santosh Kumar, Mr. Mohn, and my parents for helping me successfully complete this science project. Their material and emotional support were essential to overcome obstacles during the project.

Ms. Winship, my science teacher, encouraged me to take up this challenge and provided me with useful tips to help write the final report in the correct format. Dr. Rama Garimella, a researcher at KU Medical Center, provided me with useful suggestions in order to improve the accuracy of my results. Mr. Santosh Kumar, a professor at UMKC offered resources that helped complete this study. The experimentation process in this project could not have been completed without Mr. Mohn’s help. Mr. Mohn provided his laboratory resources such as the incubator and even introduced me to the colorimeter which was necessary for recording data. My parents provided emotional support throughout the project. My dad helped with the use of Microsoft Excel and helped proofread my report.