JHSS Math Department

Math Help Centre
  Open every day at 11:15 am (2nd half of lunch) in room 205.  Come and ask questions about math or just come to find a quiet space to do your homework.

Courses & Teachers (2022-23)

Grade 9 
Destreamed Math (MTH 1WI):
Mrs. Cleverley
Mr. Padusenko
Mrs. Pope
Ms. Dube
Ms. Barrett
Fast Forward (MAT 1LI) - Ms. Dube

Grade 10
Single Stream Math (MPM 2DI):
Ms. Barrett
Mr. Ritchie
Mr. Padusenko
Ms. Kwon
Support/Bridge Course (GLD 2OI) - Ms. Barrett
Fast Forward (MAT 2LI) - Ms. Kwon

Grade 11
Workplace/Fast Forward (MEL 3EIB) - Mr. Pisano
College (MCB 3CI) - Mr. Joseph & Mr. Padusenko
Univ./College (MCF 3MI) - Mr. Pisano
University (MCR 3UI) - Ms. Dube & Mrs. Cleverley

Grade 12
Workplace (MEL 4EI) - Mrs. Cleverley
College (MAP 4CI) - Mr. Pisano
College Tech (MCT 4CI) - Mrs. Cleverley
Data Management (MDM 4UI) - Mrs. Pope
Advanced Functions (MHF 4UI) - Mr. Ritchie & Mrs. Cleverley
Calculus & Vectors (MCV 4UI) - Mr. Padusenko