G Suite Accounts

Accessing your Google Account for the First Time (Initializing your Account)

Step 1: Using any Browser on a computer, you will need to initialize your account by going to: http://google.wrdsb.ca.  

To use a Chromebook to initialize your account, choose Browse as Guest and go to  http://google.wrdsb.ca.

Step 2: Teachers will login using their current, active PAL; students will login using their student PAL login. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Step 3: Read and consider the Terms of Service.

You will not be able log into your Google Account if your PAL password has expired. If your PAL password has expired, please reset your password first before attempting to log into your Google Account.
When your PAL password changes, you will need to manually re
initialize your Google account by following the above steps.

Logging in to your G Suite Account 

1) From any device other than a Chromebook, you can login to your G Suite account by going to http://google.wrdsb.ca and using your PAL / School Connect login.

2) When logging in on a Chromebook, you will be asked for an email address rather than a username. Below is the format of the G Suite email addresses for teachers and students.

Password: PAL

Password: PAL


It is important to create unique passwords for PAL accounts.  Usernames are public and can be found when a document is shared.  If passwords are identical (1234, abcd, room1, ect.) it means that all students potentially have access to each other's accounts.