Branding brainstorm

Choose a name for your email service and collaboration suite

Giving your new email and collaboration tools a unique name is an easy way to help people in your community identify with the new system. It also helps you build your school brand. In choosing a name your new system, here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Will you keep the name of your current mail system, or choose something new? If you're not happy with the way your current email solution is perceived, choosing a new name can help you reinforce the change.
  • Who will be using the services? (Students, faculty, staff, alumni?) Will your name appeal to your users?
  • Are there any motifs, mascots or acronyms you can use to incorporate your school's identity?
  • Remember, abbreviation and alliteration never hurt if you want a catchy name!
Once you choose your name, you can build awareness in your community by using it consistently in your online resources, marketing materials, and press releases.


UC Davis Aggie Mail
Boise State Bronco Mail
UC Santa Cruz Slug Mail