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Sharing and Permissions - Using the Pre-2011 Format to See All Owners, Editors and Viewers in One Window

Before the Google Sites Sharing and Permissions view was changed (2011) to duplicate the Sharing and Permissions view in Google Docs, it presented an easier to manage list (see screenshot below). The list was grouped by owners, collaborators (editors) and viewers. The view was much larger and you could see everyone that the Google Site was shared with in one window. It was extremely easy to remove users as well.

This view is still available, but hidden. To access the older Sharing and Permissions view, add /system/app/pages/admin/sharing to the basic URL of your site.  For example:

  • A basic Google Site URL consists of
  • The basic URL for your site is the part of the URL that has been highlighted in yellow.
  • Change the URL to the following:
So, if your basic Google Site URL is, make the new address

This URL will now display the old Sharing and Permissions view.