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Inserting Portions of a Google Spreadsheet into a Google Sites Page

There are times when you would like to insert a portion (specific columns, rows or cells) of a Google Spreadsheet into a Google Sites page. An example of what this would look like, can be seen below:

Here's how:

1) Go to the spreadsheet from which you would like to display the data.

2) Go to Share and select Publish as web page

3) As indicated in the screenshot below, begin publishing the worksheet that contains the data you want to display.  Then copy the URL generated once you have selected the appropriate cells you would like to display.

4) Now, go back to the Google Sites page where you would like to display the data. Click on Edit page. Put your cursor in the exact location where you would like to see the gadget.

5) Go to Insert => More gadgets....

6) Type in iframe in the search bar and find the include gadget (iframe) gadget as shown below. Click on the gadget when you find it...

7) You should see this screen.. click the Select button.

8) Paste (Ctrl-V) the URL that you copied from your Google spreadsheet in the URL to content field as described below.  Make additional changes described, and click OK.

9) The embedded gadget will look like this (note: you cannot really see the data until you save the Google Sites page. 
Note: If you need to edit the gadget again, just click anywhere on the box while you are in edit mode.

Additional Notes:
  • When publishing the Google Spreadsheet page, you will notice that there is an option under Get a link to the published data called HTML to embed in a page. This option seems more suited for the purpose described in this post. However, I have found that the results are not predictable and can vary. That is why the Web page option is being used.