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Creating a Tab/Link to a Specific Part of a Google Sites Page

By using the Table of Contents gadget, you can create a Table of Contents to specific words/sections on a Google Sites page. But did you know that you can also use the gadget to create links from other locations to the same words/sections? Here's how:
  1. Add a Table of Contents gadget to your Google Sites page (instructions)
  2. After you have added the gadget to your page, it will show a link to every section that contains a Heading, Sub-heading or Minor heading.  
  3. Each of these headings, has it's own link. The link/URL is in an "ABC" format where:
A=Page URL
C=Heading text, where spaces are displayed as dashes

For example:
  • Your Google Site Page URL is
  • The Heading you want to link to contains the following text: Content Using More Heading H2
  • The URL that you would use to get to that section from anywhere else (in or outside of your Google Site) would be: