How to Add Links to the Google One Bar

Adding links to the Google One Bar is extremely simple and involves three steps: 

First, create an application manifest where one or more links are defined.
Second, create an app project in the domain and upload the manifest into the project.
Third, deploy the application.

Step 1: Create a manifest file.

The application manifest file contains information about the application that you will be deploying. In the case of adding a link to the Google One Bar it is a very short manifest. 

Copy the manifest code to a text or XML file, modifying support information, names, description, and URLs/links. Add additional links as needed. Save your file.

<ApplicationManifest xmlns="">
<!-- Upload your manifest here: -->
<!-- Support information appears in the console as well as in the Google Apps CPanel. -->

<!-- URL explaining how customers get support. -->
<Link rel="support" href="http://InsertURL"/>

<!-- Name and description pulled from message bundles. Appears in CPanel when deployed. -->
<Name>Navigation Links</Name>
Application used to display custom navigation links on Google One Bar.

<!-- Show link(s) alpha ordered in Google's universal navigation for all users -->
<Extension id="navLink-intranet" type="link">
<Name>Our Intranet</Name>

<Extension id="navLink-faq" type="link">
<Name>FAQs and Resources</Name>


Step 2: Create a project and upload the manifest field.

  • Go to the following link to create, update, or view existing projects:
  • Create a project and give it a descriptive name.
  • Click on the upload button under the manifest area and upload the manifest that you created in Step 1.

Step 3: Deploy the application.

Once the manifest has been uploaded and the project updated, you can press the "Deploy application" button on the right of the screen. This will push out the new link to all users.

Additional notes:
  • Add all Google Apps Admins as owners to the project. This ensures that they can modify the application, if needed.
  • The new application will appear in the Google Apps Control Panel under Marketplace Services.

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