Training - Classroom Lecture/Lab

Example of a syllabus for a hands-on, two-hour training session. The 30-minute project lab below follows instruction.

Getting Started

1) Introductions.


2) Discuss:

a) Web page vs web site
b) Reasons for creating site?
c) Experience with Google (documents, calendar)?

3) Examples:

4) Develop a Site plan: Type of pages, hierarchy.

a) Text page (web page)
b) Blog page (announcements)
c) File cabinet page
d) List page
e) Entry page (start page)

Site Creation

5) Create new site: Students repeat what the instructor is illustrating.

b) Click Create new site button.
c) Choose a site template (Note: This cannot be changed; once you choose a site template and create your site, you will not be able to choose a different template.)

For this class, use default (blank) site template: 

d) name your site for this class, site name = <initials>practice.
e) choose theme - this can be changed at your whim
f) choose how to share your site - for this class, don't share with anyone, yet. Change "collaborate with" choice to "only people I specify." We'll choose those specific people later 
g) Click “Create site” button at bottom

Work with Pages

6) Default first page is Web Page template.

7) Click “Edit page” button:

a) add text
b) insert image from My Pictures; modify properties of it
c) insert horizontal line
d) insert calendar
e) Save!!

8) Note appearance of calendar, then edit page to modify calendar properties:

9) New page: Announcement template (good for blog, wiki, announcements, etc.):

a) name = comments; top level
b) add text to ask for specific types of comments
c) Save!!

10) New page > File Cabinet template:

a) name = files; top level
b) attach doc from local computer
c) attach doc from Google Docs

11) New page > List template:

a) name = List1; top level; use custom list.
    • text
    • drop down
    • check box
    • date
    • URL
b) Add text
c) Save!!

12) New page > Start Page template:

a) page name: “Welcome”
b) edit page: welcome guests to your site
c) Save!!

Settings and Sidebars

13) Look at Page Settings:

a) page title
b) links to sub-pages
c) allow attachments or comments

14) Rearrange page links in sidebar:

a) click “Edit sidebar” link
b) sidebar: Navigation: edit
c) deselect automatic organization
d) add pages; order them as desired
e) click OK when finished . . . save changes

15) Add sidebar item and look at the possibilities:

a) Another navigation box
b) Text box
c) Recent site activity
d) My recent activity
e) countdown: event = <something you care about>; date = <that date> . . . save changes

16) Site settings > General:

a) Landing page = Welcome . . . save changes

17) Site settings > Sharing:

a) share with class attendees as collaborators

18) Save changes; Return to site:

19) Discuss “More” choices.