Internal Market Research

You may want to find out what your customers use today (or at least your pilot users).  In that way you can determine how much of a match Google Sites might be (and what the potential cost savings might be by offering a product that the company can standardize around).

A  short survey can be created using Google Docs forms to collect information.  For an example of what you can learn, a small sample was taken (with some early adopters) with the results as shown below using the summary of responses built into forms.

We also asked for comments on what Google Sites is missing. Sometimes it is just a matter of education and at other times, the feature really is missing.

  • Better table formatting support
  • Need more template options
  • flexibility in layout (where to place pictures, videos, text)
  • More control over HTML code
  • Sort and display uploaded files in arbitrary ways
  • The possibility of more organization of documents would be desirable (such as organizing them in folders).
  • Not sure why Google can't automatically provide user access to a calendar added to a Site to all users of the site. Its pain to maintain  user access every time you add a new user to the site.