Adoption Strategies

What I wish I had known.

  1. How sites compared to other similar tools (in functionality) - particularly understanding of limitations 
  2. How fast Site usage would increase (expect an organic growth of Google Sites within your organization).
  3. How hard it is to find Sites that I actively use or have access to (internal and external to the domain).
  4. How little management functionality exists.

What we had to do.

  1. Customized documentation.
  2. Training.
  3. Publicity and Outreach.
  4. Deployment Strategy

Example: Seagate's Resource Center for Collaborative Tools.

Deployment Strategy


  • Run pilot for Google Apps roll-out
    • Selected workgroups / departments.
    • Early adopters.
    • Gives you an idea of what will confuse/delight people.

Transition Assistance during Deployment

Example: National Geographic's Google Apps Site
Developed for their Transition. 

Documentation and FAQs

  • Google FAQs - Documentation is good but not enough for Enterprises.

Build Customized FAQs

  • Develop task-based FAQs for jobs specific to the organization.
  • Don't duplicate Google - reference it where possible.
  • Document Instructions for using locally developed scripts.
  • Create a Google Site Resource Center (example - Seagate).

Publicity and Outreach

  • Company wide newsletter articles.
  • Corporate Google Users Group (using Google Groups) with emphasis on tips and tricks posted to mail list.
  • Corporate videos.
  • Events in the cafeteria when you can capture the attention of a wide range of users. Example:
    • Plan a "Google Apps" or "Google Sites" day - Two hours in lobby of cafeteria with computers/demos.
  • Outreach at division/department meetings. Examples:
    • Noon brown-bags.
    • Brief announcements at normally scheduled meetings.
  • Posters with example Sites.

Training and Development 

  • On-site vs. Off-campus:
  • Videos
  • Webinars. 
  • Issues
    • Attendance can be a problem.
    • Customized on-site training may not be economical.
    • Product changes (with little or no warning) can impact course delivery.