Reminder Process - Unused Sites

There are two Marketplace tools that administrators have found useful for managing Sites by notifying owners of unused Sites. Once the information is downloaded, use the Google Apps Script below to send emails to Site Owners.

CloudLock Export

  1. Export to a spreadsheet the current Google Site data for your domain.

  2. The data will include the following columns:
    • Site Title
    • Site URL
    • Owner(s)
    • OU
    • Domain Access
    • Everyone Access
    • Outside Access
    • Public Access
    • Editors
    • Viewers
    • External Users
    • Last Update

  3. Delete any rows that have blanks in the Owner field (these represent deleted sites).

  4. Sort the data by "Last Update."

General Audit Tool

  1. Export a spreadsheet file of current Google Site data for your domain. Administrators have the ability to set up a scheduled report (e.g., weekly, monthly) to be saved as a Google spreadsheet in your document library.

  2. The spreadsheet will include the following information:
    • Site Name
    • Local Owners
    • Local Editors
    • Local Viewers
    • External Owners
    • External Editors
    • External Viewers
    • Public
    • Public with Link
    • Shared to Local Domain
    • Shared to Local Domain with Link
    • Shared In 
    • Shared Out 
    • Not Shared 
    • URL 
    • Creation Date 
    • Last Edit Date 
    • Last editor 
    • Deleted

  3. An empty "Local Owners" row indicates the site no longer has an owner.

  4. Sort the data by "Last Edit Date." 
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