20/20 HindSITE: Best Practices for Google Sites

What we wish we knew and what we know now!

Our 20/20 HindSite sites.google.com/a/googleapps.com/sitesbp resource was developed for the 2012 Google Customer Connect Conference and left behind as a "toolkit" for administrators, developers, and trainers of Google Sites. If you attended the session, you didn't need to take notes since we'll walk you through the major sections and highlighted key ideas during the panel discussion.

This site illustrates how organizations are using Google Sites. It includes a wealth of resources and tools, summarizes what we wish we knew and what we know now, and offers suggestions and workarounds on particular issues we've encountered. 

A moderator session was set up for participants to post questions during the panel discussion. Presenters have posted their ideas. Please see http://goo.gl/Oa6GV for questions and responses.

What we wish we had known...

  1. Be prepared to explain Sites in comparison to similar tools within the organization. Understand features and functionality as well as limitations and potential workarounds. 

  2. Anticipate exponential growth of Google Sites within the organization and develop training resources and management strategies. 

  3. Understand limitations of Google Sites administrator and management tools and plan to develop workarounds.

Example: Jaguar Land Rover's Collaborative Team Space.

Layout of Site

A comparison of the five companies that are presenting ideas related to Google Sites during the 2012 Google Customer Connect Conference. Each organization supplied company specs and configurations in relations to Google Apps/Sites.

Examples and discussion of use cases for organizations.

Methods organizations have used to communicate change through outreach efforts, marketing opportunities, and staff training and development.

List of recommendations, features and functionality available within Sites plus extended functionality through the use of Google Apps Scripts, gadgets, and other tips for enhanced Sites development and deployment.

Administration capabilities, lifecycle management, and metrics.

Collaboration strategies, comparison of Google Apps collaborative tools, extension to search, integration with your corporate intranet and other solutions. 

A list of "what's missing" in Google Sites and workarounds we've developed.

Summary of ideas shared throughout the site and during the presentation based on our 20/20 hindsight. 

Useful resources to a wealth of information.