Q: What is Innovation for the Nation?

A: This year's Innovation for the Nation is a virtual summit hosted by Google where representatives from government and industry gather to share best practices that will assist government leaders in transforming their agencies using modern technologies that will reduce costs while allowing their employees to work smarter from virtually anywhere.

Q: How do I get an invite to Innovation for the Nation?

A: The summit is free to attend and will be presented online using the ON24 virtual conference platform.  To register, please visit the Registration tab.

Q: Will I be able to engage speakers during the conference?

A: Yes. The virtual platform allows for speaker Q and A engagement as well as scheduled chats where you can chat with the speakers.

Q: How do I know if my computer supports the virtual event format?

A: The supported platforms for the virtual event are below. You are welcome to visit the event & watch the sessions using an unsupported combination, but your viewing experience may be diminished in some ways. 

  • Windows: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox
  • Mac: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Linux: Firefox

Q. Can I invite a colleague to join me?
A. Yes, please feel free to forward the event registration link to your colleagues. We welcome them to join too.

Q. I have a question that has not been answered here.

A. Please email the planning team at innovation-nation@google.com.