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Inbox management
Be more productive with Priority Inbox
Focus on important messages, first!
Reduce Inbox bloat with SmartLabels
Automatically label and archive bulk, forum, and notification messages.
Archive mail to clean out your Inbox
Get rid of old mail to keep your Inbox tidy and focused. Place it in your archive!
Create email filters
Auto-organize your incoming mail.
Use keyboard shortcuts
Zip around your Inbox without using the mouse!
Unthread your conversations
View conversations as separate messages in your Inbox (just like your old mail system).
Conversations vs. messages
Reply, forward, or print a single message vs. the entire conversation.
Seeing new replies or muting them
Spot new replies to an existing conversation, or mute conversations you're not interested in.
See exactly what's in your reply
Learn exactly what part of a conversation is included in your reply.
Edit the Subject / Bookmark a single message
Change a conversation's Subject, and bookmark a single message.
Labeling messages
Create nested labels
Miss your nested folders? Go ahead and nest your labels.
Drag and drop labels and messages
Quickly organize messages by dragging labels to messages (or vice versa).
Composing messages
Drag and drop attachments
Using Chrome? Drag and drop attachments directly into messages, instead of having to upload them
Compose messages in a new browser window
Keep an eye on your inbox while composing messages in another window.
Drag images into a message
Using Chrome? Drag images from your desktop directly to your message.
Enhance your Gmail signature
Add rich text, images, and links!
Finding messages
Sort messages using keyword search
"Sort" by recipient, date, subject, and more.

Save searches with Quick Links
Save favorite searches so they're easy to repeat later.
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