Customize Links & Docs

A pink asterisk in the Apps Learning Center template marks a link to a short document that can optionally be customized for your deployment. You can do this easily using Google Docs. On each page with one or more pink asterisks...

Copy the doc to your domain
1. Click a link marked with an asterisk to open the doc.

2. From the doc's menu in Google Docs, choose
File > Make a Copy. This opens a copy owned by your account that you can customize however you want.
3. Rename your copy of the document and edit its contents however you want.

Note that the same doc might be opened by multiple links throughout the site, so you don't have to create a separate doc for each link.

Redirect links to your doc
1. Back in Sites, redirect the link's URL to your new version of the doc.

2. Then remove the pink asterisk image.