Embed Training Calendar

The Apps Learning Center template includes a demo training calendar where users can click a Google Apps training course to see its description and also link to a form for signing up. If you're offering Google Apps training, replace the demo with your own training calendar, and create a signup form of your own. This is all easy to do using Google Docs and Google Calendar.

Create a signup form in Google Docs
1. Go to Google Docs and create a form for gathering whatever data you want to collect from users during registration. View a sample form

2. Publish the form as a standalone web page that's available to users in your domain. Make note of the published page's URL.

(Top right of window.)
Create your training calendar
1. In Google Calendar, create a training calendar and add your course to it as an event. In the event description, include a course description along with a link to the signup form URL you published above.

Use HTML tags in the description to make the link and add formatting such as line breaks and a bulleted list.
2. Go to your Calendar Settings and share the calendar with everyone in your domain.

Embed the calendar in your site
1. Also in Calendar Settings, open the settings for that calendar.

(Top right of window)

2. Copy the code for embedding this calendar in a web site, and paste it into your site, replacing the code for the demo calendar.

View submitted form data in a Google spreadsheet
1. From the calendar, users can now click the link in your course description to open your published signup form, where they can register for the course.

2. The data each person submits is automatically collected in a Google spreadsheet, which you can view in Google Docs.