Online Giving

Using your Bank's Bill Pay service
Most Banks have a Bill Pay feature on their web sites. When you set up Bill Pay to send a check to the Church your Bank will actually print a check and mail it to us.  You can use this to send gifts to the Church even if you cannot physically attend.

Here is a general overview of how to set up payments to the Church using your Bank's Bill Pay feature:
  1. Create a new Payee using the name Church of the Good Shepherd
  2. Use our mailing address, which is PO Box 1408, Greer, SC 29652-1408
  3. Save the Payee information.
  4. When you enter the amount for the check you want to send you might have options to make it recurring. If you decide to set up recurring checks then I suggest that you set an end date of 12/31/2020, after which no further checks will be sent automatically.

Direct Giving from your Bank Account

To set up direct giving from your bank account please follow these steps:

  1. Download and print this form (click here)
  2. Fill in the form with your information
  3. Attach a voided check from your bank account to the form where indicated
  4. Sign and date the form
  5. Mail the form and voided check to Church of the Good Shepherd, PO Box 1408, Greer, SC 29652-1408

  If you are not comfortable using one of these methods, please mail your check to us using the US Postal Service.