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A view into PU

posted Dec 3, 2021, 7:23 AM by Rishi Madan
PU chains, science, nano, microscope, UTECH Europe 2021,2021

Grazyna Mitchener,  recently who was earlier inducted into the UTECH Europe Hall of fame, showed the below picture as part of her paper, ‘Nature-inspired impact absorbing polyurethanes’ at the UTECH Europe 2021 Conference.

In an exposure of over one minute, a probe going over minute chains of polyurethanes (about 2nm thick, about 100,000 thinner than a human hair) took a picture of the material’s structure at the molecular level. The darker lines show individual chains of crosslinked MDI-based polyurethane spreading on the surface of the sample. The molecules lying just slightly below the first layer of chains are already out of focus, and create an orange background.

The photograph was taken using an atomic force microscope (AFM) by the UK National Physical Laboratory, as part of a research project in the Measurement for Recovery Scheme that is being run in co-operation with Merlin Polyurethanes.

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