Wildcat Care is our school-aged child care program that is offered to children in K-5th grade at Goodhue School. 
Our goal is to provide a safe and exciting environment where children can explore, learn, succeed, and have fun!   
We are open before and after school and select non-school days. We also provide care throughout the summer.

Wildcat Care Hours of Operation:
School Year:
 M-TH-3:15PM-5:30 PM

Non-School Days Open:
6:00 AM-5:30 PM

If School is 2 Hours Late: 
Must be previously signed up to attend WCC on 2 hour late starts

Snow Day Hours:
Must be previously signed up to attend WCC on Snow Days by October 1st

Early Release Due to Weather Hours: 
Release time-4:00PM 
Must be previously signed up to attend WCC on Early Release Due to Weather Days

Summer Hours: 
6:00 AM-5:30 PM

WCC CELL PHONE: 651-347-2514

You can call OR text this number during WCC hours to update staff members about information regarding your child.

A typical day at Wildcat Care during the school year:
Kids check-in, have a snack, then have the option to either read or do their homework for 15 minutes each day. 
We then offer a fun activity for the kids to participate in such as a craft or a group game. After this activity, they have free choice inside. When the weather cooperates, we finish our afternoon by playing outside or going on a walk around the block!