Chromebook Information

The Goodhue School is making changes to our 1:1 Chromebook program. Chromebooks will now be district owned rather than purchased through our Best Buy program. The district owned devices will be available for students in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. The remaining grades will be phased in next year.

Families will have the opportunity to purchase insurance for the district owned Chromebooks for $25 per year. Please see attached insurance information along with Parent and Student responsibilities. Third grade students will be leaving their Chromebooks at school, so insurance will not need to be purchased for third grade students. We know this year may look differently than others, so we will allow Chromebooks to be taken home if a child is distance learning or is sick for an extended period of time. We will work with families on a case to case basis regarding damaged Chromebooks.

Please see our Insurance Plan and Parent/Student Responsibilities: Insurance Plan

The Goodhue School will still be offering support to Chromebooks that were purchased in years past through our Best Buy program.

If your child did not use their discount from the 19-20 school year to purchase a Chromebook from our Best Buy program, the discount will still be honored. Please contact Jacki Ebner for purchasing information.

Our Chromebooks were ordered earlier this year and we have been notified that they have been delayed in manufacturing and will not be arriving until Spring. Once we receive the Chromebooks, we will be sending out dates that they will be distributed. Please watch your email and the Goodhue School website for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Since we currently have a shortage of devices for our students, if you have any Chromebooks that are in good working condition, we are looking for donations for students in 3rd grade and students who do not have a device to use at all. Please email Jacki Ebner- if you have a Chromebook to donate.

Thank you for your continued support and patience!


Dr. Evan Gough ~


Jacki Ebner ~

Technology Specialist