Upcoming Dates

2017 Gonzaga Gala - Winter Wonderland

Meetings & Key Dates

 Kim Howland or Maggie Sinnott Mejia
                                        • August 31st:                        General Meeting
                                        • September 27th:              In-Person Committee Chair Meeting
                                        • October 6th:                   Sponsorship Deadline
                                        • October 12th:                  Commercial AD Deadline
                                        • October 13th:                  Deadline for Friend Level and Parish Ads/Donations
                                        • October 25th:                  In-Person Meeting
                                        • November 1st:                 General Meeting
                                        • November 8th:                Decorations and Set-Up Meeting
                                        • November 15th:               Operations Meeting @ Noon
                                        • November 17th/18th:        Catalog Pick-Up
                                        • November 18th:               Basket Making Party
                                        • November 27th:               Night of the Gala Training
                                        • November 28th:              Tree Trimming Party
                                        • November 30th:              Set-Up/Walk Through
                                        • December 2nd:                SHOW TIME