You need a TreeRing account to purchase the yearbook:
If you haven't bought the yearbook before, you'll need an account with TreeRing.  Click on the banner below to get started.

When you purchase your yearbook through, you get two extra customized pages that only appear in your copy of the book.  You can purchase even more customized pages for a small price. 

You can get text alerts on your phone about the yearbook club and other yearbook related announcements and deadlines.
Get Yearbook Announcements sent directly to your phone. 
Send a text message to 81010 and put @mrkuhlman in the message

Previous Yearbooks allows you to purchase previous year's yearbooks so you can buy Any yearbook from 2014 through 2019 through their site.  You'll still need to set up an account (see top of page for link).  

Deadlines for the 2020 yearbook
For the 2019 yearbook, TreeRing gives you free shipping on the yearbook if purchased before April 1, 2020.  After that date you'll pay for the shipping/handling fee.  If you are a senior, don't forget to have your senior portrait taken with Prestige Portraits.  Do it before March 6, 2020

About the 


This is our 4th year working with TreeRing for our yearbook publishing company.  TreeRing is a on-demand digital printing service, similar to Shutterfly, so students and parents will order their yearbooks though this company instead of through NHS bookkeeping.  

  • The yearbook costs $50.00 and the price stays the same all year.  Purchase online using a credit card.  No more having to wait in line in the bookkeeping window during lunch!
  • Customize 2 or more pages of your copy of the yearbook, so that your yearbook has more pictures of you and your friends. 
Join the 
Yearbook club is for anybody who wants to be involved in the yearbook.  We need students from all the different clubs and sports on campus to make sure their club/sport is represented in the yearbook.  Club members help us choose the cover of the book, make up survey questions, design pages and promote the book. Although page editors are typically students from the intermediate and advanced digital photography classes, any club member who is willing to take the time (after school) to learn and put in the time (after school) to edit can be a page editor.  

If you would like to be a part of our Yearbook Club, fill out this form so we can keep in contact with you.  Our first meeting will be announced following club rush.

I look forward to helping you produce a fantastic NHS yearbook.

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