Lobstering with our friend Jerry Pallotta

Hands down this was the highlight of our summer!  

We went lobstering at Peggotty Beach in Scituate with our friend, Jerry Pallotta last Sunday and it was one of those moments in life that you pause, freeze the memory and count your blessings!  
Jerry teaches Curran how to find crabs!
Curran catches one!

We went out in Jerry's red dory from the Dory Story.
We got some background information on the story and saw the rock from the book too!  
Curran said it was like being a part of the story!

This was a first for both of us!  Our first time in a dory and our first time lobstering. 

Lobstering with Jerry Pallotta.m4v

In the beginning, Curran wasn't too sure about having the lobster traps emptied in the boat.  
Jerry made sure that Curran knew the difference between a male and female crab and lobster, how to measure a lobster, how to identify the colors of your buoy and how to properly pick up crabs and lobsters and launch them back in the ocean.  Surprisingly, we did not tip the dory over and no one was biten!  
We pulled at least twenty lobster traps and caught over a dozen lobsters.
Jerry checked Uncle Tony's traps and some of his nieces and nephew's traps too.
This was the biggest lobster we caught, but it was a female, so we returned her to the ocean!
We learned that females have a V notch on their tails for keeping them safe.
Look at the size of her claw!
We caught at least fifty crabs. Curran's job was to pick them up and toss them back into the ocean.  
In the beginning he begged Jerry not to empty the trap in the dory, but by the end of our trip, he was a pro!

Learning about buoys and their colors from Jerry.  Curran was fascinated by Jerry and his stories!
Jackpot! We caught a skate in one of the traps!
What an unusual creature!
Curran and Jerry examine the skate in shallow water. 
Curran notices how the skate's coloring acts as a camouflage.

Curran pulls his first trap.  We have a junior lobsterman in the works!

Catching lobsters is so much fun!
Jerry showing us where the cover of Going Lobstering was taken!
According to Curran the best part of the day was being with Jerry and I'd have to second that!  
His second favorite part was pulling up Uncle Tony's double decker trap!
In fact, he says, "All of it," is my favorite!
The two lobsters we brought home!  It was my first time cooking lobsters and they were double delicious!
Curran's thank you card to Jerry.  Notice the three of us in the dory, the lobster traps (and Uncle Tony's double decker trap on the left side of the dory), the crabs and lobsters both inside and under Dory.
It was a magical day, an opportunity of a lifetime and one we will cherish forever!