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Adventure #1
, June 15, 2012

Roaring Brook Nature Center - what a gem!  Can't believe we've never been here before!  With our new explorer's backpack, we set out on our first adventure!
Inside we scanned our first animal QR codes and learned  about a blue tongued skink, marine toads, all sorts of snakes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, leopard geckos, tarantulas and the North American beaver.
Then we hit the trails outside!  We met the friendliest squirrel who actually sat up and greeted us.  A bunch of chipmunks (they were too fast to catch in our net), a butterfly that we were able to catch in our net, fish, tadpoles and our first slug (which we released after the photo).
It was such an exciting day to explore nature and look for animals.
One of the highlights was checking off all the animals in our book that we were fortunate to see on our first explorer's adventure this summer!
We can't wait for our next adventure!
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