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The 1st Annual Digital Citizenship Summit was a huge success! The event was planned because digital citizenship should not be an add-on to either curriculum or a conference.  The co-founders believe that digital citizenship deserves its own space for educational, non-profit, and industry leaders to focus on solutions and push new ideas forward.  The Digital Citizenship Summit aims to bring together the various silos of thought and activity across the country in order to create a stronger, more unified message for better tech usage.

By bringing together digital citizenship leaders across the country, the Digital Citizenship Summit served as a meeting ground for discussion, networking, and future collaboration.  We are busy planning the 2016 Summit -- stay tuned for details!

What happens in digital citizenship tomorrow is decided today

About #digcit

#digcit is a Twitter hashtag dedicated to digital citizenship. The intent of #digcit is to engage students, teachers, administrators, and parents in this critical conversation on what it means to be socially responsible both on and offline. This site is dedicated to educating students and teachers on the importance of digital citizenship. 

Resources include:
  • Creative credit & copyright
  • Digital footprints & tattoos
  • Online identity & self-image
  • Online privacy issues
  • Information literacy
  • Online relationships & communication
  • Digital etiquette 

The #digcit chat moderating team is joining other chats in 2015 and will be back in 2016!

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